Heinerscheid warehouse (Luxembourg)
Heinerscheid warehouse (Luxembourg)

Metal roofing tiles and corrugated sheets - Heinerscheid warehouse (Luxembourg)

Position 501
RAL 7016 - Anthracite grey *
Material thickness0,55 mm
CoatingPE RSL
Usage width1,100 m
Invoiced width1,180 m

1,95 m
2,30 m
2,65 m
3,00 m
3,35 m
3,70 m
4,05 m
4,40 m


9,88 € Net
11,56 Gross incl. 17% VAT
Low cost Matching translucent sheet available
Position 604
Profile  Wellbleche 18/76
Various colors and coatings *
Material thickness0,45 mm
Usage width1,064 m
Invoiced width1,140 m

3,10 m


2,98 € Net
3,49 Gross incl. 17% VAT

* Attention: The colors shown are only for rough orientation. Colors can never be displayed realistically on the PC.

Low costLow cost
With antikondensation fleeceWith antikondensation fleece
Matching translucent sheet availableMatching translucent sheet available
Acoustic perforationsAcoustic perforations